Beauty Lessons from a Pandemic

That’s a title I never thought I would write. Yet, here we are. Four months ago, our world suddenly screeched to a halt and almost all of our daily routines were disrupted including our beauty routines. Just as it was looking like we might be regaining some normalcy, things have shut down again for us in our home states of Florida and California.

During the weeks of more mobility, we all ventured out to a hair salon. I was urged to do so by my psychologist friend who said it was important for my mental health. She was right. It felt great to be able to engage in some grooming rituals again. But now we are back in stricter quarantine and need to find other ways to be and feel beautiful.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity and this time is no different. For me, it has been a time to focus on health and inner beauty and let that radiate out. I smile every time someone says you look good and I think about the hundreds or even thousands of dollars I haven’t spent on my appearance since March. I hope by now you are getting familiar with our beauty brain loop and are thinking about how inner beauty, outer beauty, health and environment all impact one another. As our many of the usual avenues to enhance outer beauty have been shut off, I have been focusing on activating the loop in the other ways.

As we collectively try to fend off this virus, we must boost our immune systems. Avoiding “junk” food seems more logical than ever. Using each meal or snack time as a way to fortify myself, just makes sense. Fresh fruit and vegetables are easier to access when you are spending the day at home. It is a liberation to not be driving and walking by so many retail outlets triggering our desires for the wrong food.

As social demands have plummeted, commuting disappeared and work hours declined, I am sleeping longer and better than in many years. I try not to set on alarm and am falling into a more natural bio rhythm. Rather than waking up to my cell phone and then rushing to the office, I now start each day with mediation. I am also ending my day with spiritual reading and meditation. I am working hard to keep my outlook grateful and optimistic. News is kept to a minimum as well to make sure my stress level is manageable. Nothing saps our beauty like chronic stress.

Vitamin D seems to be a good weapon in the war against COVID, so my daily routine now includes an hour of walking outside instead of my pre pandemic indoor yoga. I have never had skin so dark in my life and I am loving it.

Four months of wearing exercise clothings feels like a liberation. I don't miss anything in my closet but I do feel a bit badly for my dry cleaner. Make up goes on about half the days depending on whether my meetings are zoom or on the phone.

I feel healthy and beautiful from the inside out and I hope to maintain these productive habits as life returns to “normal”.

Wishing you a life overflowing with beauty,


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