What is The Beauty Prescription?

Our goal for this page is nothing less than to redefine what the words "beauty" and "beautiful" mean. In a world filled with overpowering images of stereotypical female "beauty", its easy to feel inadequate and self-conscious. We are here to remind you and prove to you that being perceived as beautiful is about so much more than your genetic makeup; its about how you feel, how you treat yourself, how you perceive yourself, and how you interact with the world around you. While you can't change your genetic makeup, we believe that the most compelling aspects of beauty are completely within your power to change.

Brought to you by a technology-savvy, beauty-passionate medical student alongside the authors of the same-titled book: The Beauty Prescription, a Beverly Hills Dermatologist and South Beach Psychiatrist, this page aims to share with you the medicine-based tips, tricks, and knowledge we've gained through our combined years of studies, practice, and life.  We hope this guide brings you benefits that are both more rewarding and more enduring: greater confidence, stronger self-esteem, better health, more joy from life, and lasting beauty that shines for everyone to see!



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