Obama’s In…What About Change?

We’re fortunate enough to be in Washington, DC with hundreds of thousands of our closest friends for the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States.  It’s an incredibly exciting time, and when we think about Obama’s message of “Change,” it’s impossible for us not to put that in the context of our favorite subject.  So at a time when change is on everyone’s mind, how will you change the way beauty impacts your life in the coming year?

In keeping with the political news that’s on everyone’s mind, we’ve organized our ideas according to our own imaginary presidential cabinet.  If Barack Obama had these as his priorities, we don’t know how the economy would do, but we do know the entire country would look and feel fabulous.

  • State: In the spirit of foreign relations, you could reach out to people in your life with whom your relationships haven’t been as close as they could be and find the beauty in them.
  • Treasury: At a time when the economy seems to be in for a prolonged slump, get creative and find ways to get quality beauty and skin care products for less.  Share your secrets with friends and invite them to share theirs with you.
  • Agriculture: Discover natural and organic cosmetics and beauty products.  There are many sources for these; see our last posting about the Ecocert designation, which guarantees that your product is 100% natural.
  • Health and Human Services: Adopt at least one healthy new habit, such as working out five days a week, eating fish at least twice a week, or taking up meditation as a daily practice.  Do something great for your body and watch it become more beautiful.
  • Commerce: Get into the community and bring your beauty business to locally owned businesses like hair salons and makers of handmade cosmetics.  You’ll meet new people who will be grateful for your patronage, make new friends and feel like a part of the fabric of where you live.
  • Labor: Make your work environment more conducive to beauty by doing everything from getting an anti-glare filter for your computer to take the strain off your eyes, taking 15 minutes a day to walk around the building or do deep breathing, or simply filling your workspace with beautiful things.
  • Interior: Work on your Inner Beauty by taking a candid look at behaviors that have caused you pain in the past, such as jealousy, being passive when you should be assertive, or beating yourself up for little things.  Vow to become more aware of these behaviors and work to turn them into positive energy.
  • Housing and Urban Development: Beautify the physical space where you live.  This doesn’t to be expensive; it could be a matter of lighting, plants, music, fabrics and rearranging the things you already own.  But a beautiful physical environment makes you feel more content, peaceful and in love with your own life.

Change will be on everyone’s mind as this exciting year moves ahead.  How will you change yourself for the better?  Please share your stories with us on Comments.  And to paraphrase our new president: “Yes you can!”

From the Inauguration,

Debi & Eva

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