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Beauty 911 in Action

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

It’s always nice to know that the theories we put into our book, The Beauty Prescription, actually make sense in the real world.  In one of the chapters, called Beauty 911, we talk at great length about taking care of your inner and outer beauty in times of stressful transition: death, divorce, job loss, etc.  During such times, it’s easy to let your beauty go, to neglect your health, to succumb to anger and sadness, and to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs.  Our advice was to be mindful of these truths and to take steps to preserve your physical health and appearance as well as your emotional equipoise, because when you can keep control over something while everything else around you is spinning out of control, you feel better.  And you are better.

A woman we know named Ann (we have changed her name to protect the not-so-innocent) has become our personal poster child for the principles of Beauty 911 because of something that happened to her a couple of weeks back in Miami.  Ann has been going through a terribly traumatic divorce, the kind of personal betrayal that is emotionally shattering.  For many weeks, she was depressed and couldn’t stop crying.  Life as she knew it had been upended by the dissolution of her marriage.  Frankly, we were worried about her.  She’s a strong, smart lady with tremendous inner and outer beauty, and to see her thrown for such a disabling loop was a reminder that every one of us is just a phone call or a test result from having our existence cast to the four winds.

Fast forward to a few weekends ago, when everything seemed to change.  Ann had started to get her sense of self back, get her feet back under her and find some of the fire we knew well.  She had stopped being a victim and was beginning to morph into a fighter.  It was good to see.  To blow off some steam, she went out on a Saturday night with some friends to some nightclubs in Miami’s wild South Beach district.  Now, if you know anything about South Beach, you know that it’s like Mardi Gras year-round.  This is a place where the plainest women become objects of fierce sexual attention from gorgeous men, and Ann is hardly plain.  She had decided for the evening (and here’s where the principle of Beauty 911 comes in) to adopt a new identity—to give her divorcing self a night off and cut loose as someone else for a while.  So she introduced herself as Asia D’Cuba and had a great time.

About midnight, “Asia” tired of the scene and headed for the street.  But as she stood there she was having trouble fastening her sweater.  She didn’t see a huge white Mercedes pull up, but a deep voice from the darkened car said, “Can I help you with that?”  Ann, tickled by the attention, leaned forward provocatively and a huge, dark-skinned hand came out of the window, fastened her sweater clasp, then moved to her breast.  That was more than she had bargained for, and she jumped back.  The voice and hand, it turned out, belonged to a professional football player about 25 years old (who shall also remain nameless) and who Ann knew had just signed a multi-million dollar contract.  He invited her to check out his car, but she politely declined.  After all, there are only so many things a middle-aged woman under an assumed name will do on a Saturday night!

Still, Ann was secretly thrilled.  She, a fortysomething soon-to-be divorcee who had been feeling old and unattractive, had been hit on by a twentysomething NFL stud!  We thought it was hysterically funny and really sweet, and wonderful for her growing self-esteem.  We also think it’s a perfect example of Beauty 911 in action.  Ann took herself out of a comfort zone that had become depressing, took a risk, found her playful side, and rediscovered her self-confidence.  All these things combined to make her atttractive enough to capture the attention of a rich young man who could have picked up on any woman in South Beach.  Crisis?  What crisis?  The only person we feel sorry for now is Ann’s soon-to-be-ex.

Stay beautiful,

Debi & Eva













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